Half Footy Gaff Sloop

hi everyone, havent posted here in awhile, so im updating i have almost finishe dmy half footy gaff sloop, its been a 2 year on and off project. but i am glad to say its about done!, this is not rc, just a static floater, let me know what ya think. im haven to redirect since my pics are to big. hope this isnt a problem


thanks for looking


Very cute. I like the planking.

I want to try one that small wonnadeezdaze but I won’t be satisfied unless it is RC. On the other hand I will probably compromise a bit on looks.


thanks, this all started with testing the hull design… but turned into a build a fancy desk sailer haha it does float, and i will have it in watr from time to time … tho it sets deeper then id like, but oh well…