Hackers and Spammers

Amazing how they seem to show up on weekends. This evening I dropped 24 “new registrations” that appeared over the weekend. This could turn into a full time job. :wink:

I guess it keeps 'em off the streets!

Thanks Dick for all the behind the scenes work.
It is appreciated


Thanks for cleaning up the internet, at least a bit! How do you now/when do you drop “new registrations”?

Very well done Dick, I appreciate !

Just to concur with the other posters - your efforts are much appreciated. There’s really nothing worse than either being notified of new threads which turn out to be advertisements or reading through a thread and coming across a post which has no bearing on the subject - they invariably include links to ‘other’ sites. As a case in point, I was looking at another RC forum a week or so back using my iPad when a thumb or finger brushed a part of the screen which then opened a new window. Rather glad my 5 year old son wasn’t with me at the time, it was of an extremely explicit adult nature.

Thanks again for all your work behind the scenes,


Not a problem guys. Wasn’t complaining, just thought the information might be of interest. I figure that the guys who also help keep the site as clean as possible (Earl Boebert-USA, Lloyd Ertel-Canada, Brett McCormack-New Zealand) should also get recognition for their efforts.

As for identifying SPAM and Hackers, there are various kinds of names, email addresses that are tip offs after seeing a bunch. I won’t get too detailed, to prevent workarounds - but the software on the site does catch some, the rest is a manual process.

Suffice to say, one big tip off - and unfortunately some legitimate subscribers get caught and bounced, is the failure to do an introduction post as required by the site. If the new registration shows up with zero (0) posts - they are usually gone by the end of the day. As noted by another poster here - the obvious web sales efforts, links to advertising, or a portion/paragraph from a personal blog or advertising NOT related to sailing is also a tip-off. So are most posts from leading countries that are known for hacking and spamming.

Also suspect are the single posts with no follow-ups after several years of being a subscriber. Seeing just a 'hint" of activity is helpful and assures continued access. I would encourage that those who simply “read” the threads post now and then to let us know it wasn’t a spammer signed on.

In reverse, from myself and on behalf of other moderators and administrators, I want to thank all of the legit members who are willing to provide ongoing information, trade hints and tips and photos, and in general remain great subscribers with a focus on keeping the new sailors informed. Your posts are what keeps the site valuable. Our thanks to those who disagree - but still keep posts “civil” - makes our jobs easier, and we appreciate the lack of “flame wars”.

Thank you to all and a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year - and best wishes for a successful building and sailing season in 2015.


Although I don’t post or sign in very often, I do check for new postings everyday and enjoy reading them all. This sight is inspirational to me as I am sure it is to many others! (By the way, Claudio D. is the one that got me enthused with his 123 design and continues to keep my interest going with almost every post.)

Dick, and others who help, please accept my sincere thanks for all you do to keep the sight running well.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.