Gypsy Sloop

Ron here,

I have been working on this small 15" sloop for the past few weeks and have not quite figured out how to run the main sheet. Please send some lessons for me to learn about attaching the kite string I am using to where it should go to best have this sailboat sailing.

  1. I have set the Jib up using a Bowsie attached to the rail ring (see photo)

With these mini servos I did not know what sail load they could handle. I installed a Hitec HS-82MG

  1. The rudder servo is a Hitec HS-81

  2. The cabin area is very tight and the servo arm only has about 1.25" max movement from center L or R (see photos)

I do not know what to do next?

no replies…got the answer on my own. fully operational now.

So what did you do?