guess who?


nothing changed in here:zbeer:

It’s about time your showed up … again!

Good to see you can still find the place. Welcome back!

:stuck_out_tongue: :cool:

hehe… still rcsailing with my first love, the Seawind and the Micromagic, my IOM was sold …now in Hamburg.

After a few races, I decided that the IOM world was NOT my stuff…

DL, EZ still around?

How about cougar, Ian and Dan?

No DL or EZ (at least signing on) but maybe lurking?

Cougar = yes
Ian = once in a great while
Dan = nope

And Greg V. is off racing sports cars as I hear.

so am I :smiley:

check out Caterham cars

Caterham CSR and Lotus Seven S3 from 1969

Ian came to Luxembourg last year, so we could meet him and his lovely wife, was a nice day…

Dan…not on MSN anymore
Cougar…no news

and you…still with the multis?

Yes - but scaled back a lot - not so hyper anymore. I’m into it for my own pleasure and enjoyment. If others decide they want a class I will help, but was very disappointed in the efforts to establish a class.

Now I’m also into the RG-65 - a “cousin” to the MicroMagic - but able to be home built and lots more development.

Hey - you always said you would like to build - this is a great class to get your feet wet and try building. Lots of free plans and very few power tools required. Also a class there in Europe/UK ! Take a look - there is an RG-65 thread here.

nah no building yet, as my 2 boats are more than enough…and I have a very BIG project running…a 1.5m hull in the basement

Don’t expect me to post like a mad poster, these days are over!
I began to sail alone and will end like this too…just sailing for fun, no stress, just fun!


and you are???:devil3:

been a long time since i saw you. how have you been? glad to see your seawind instill watertight

glad you are back

hi cougar…long time no see mate…

and you, still making *&%ç& movies :devil3::devil3: (humour inside)?


still making small movies. just getting into a little trouble with copyrighted music
check out you tube:zbeer:
cheer dude

I still check in once ina while, work has just been keeping me busy.

Hey Dan, long time no see…

Glad to hear from you:zbeer:

Hey guys -

both of you might want to “check in” at the WindPower site. A new thread started with the title “What ever happened to …?”

Wis - you were listed, along with Doug Lord, Greg Vasileff, Dave Goebel, etc. … Dan - I have a feeling you too are being looked for - some of the internet posts were in response to your IOM Vanquish design.

Nice to have you both back…even for a short while.

Reagards, Dick

Back is a relative term for me, Ever since I got the term supervisor appended to the end of my job tittle I spend a lot less time on my computer and a lot more time de-stressing. :irked:

shooting me an e-mail or a pm is still the best way to reach me.