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Looking for supplies for rigging and deck fittings in the GTA/Durham region. I want to get the appropriate deck fittings done while I can get at them. I have called a number of places and no luck. Anchors Away is on a well deserved vacation and even called me to tell me when they return next week so I am going to head there anyway. I just would have liked if I could have checked out parts elsewhere too. Short of that its request a parts list from some members who have the same boats. Then order online from suppliers that I have already obtained an overseas list from members.

Michigan - Dean Derusha - owner: Model Marine Corporation

Lots of great stuff at different scales including Harken authorized model boat hardware. Not sure if you were looking for scale fitting, operational fittings, or what size boat/scale you had.

He is a member on this forum (see 1:10 Class thread) so I will 'toot" his horn for him !


Excellent, at least I may not need overseas. I will be in touch with him and send a few pics of the chain plates I am looking for. I know I see other parts he has that I can use.

:zbeer: and thanks,


Its called Cast Your Anchor not Anchors Away. :rolleyes:


Could you talk to Mr. derusha at his store??
I sent him 2 emails and no answer at all.

Makes me think if I have to take the risk and order from them.

It is sad than many times a dealer with good and interesting products does not care about customers.

Thanks in advance

Tato Lazo.


Did you get the e-mail 5 days ago? Please call me at 1-989-980-9423. Thank you,…Dean

Hi Again,

About 5 months ago I lined up a “front line”/tech support/direct sales outlet…Dave at microyachts. He is and will be the “front line” person for the r/c sailing line. I am sorry that the delay in start up took longer than expected. He will be available for direct sales in very near future. Meanwhile I will directly help anyone I can personally until then. Please understand this is a small community…people are sometimes,…well,…people.

Thank you, Dean D

Hi Dean:

No email at all.

My main interest in contacting you is that possibly I will flight to USA at the end of october and would like to use some of your products in Rc boats.

That is why I was talking about risk, if I order, and the days go by and i have to return without the items.

I just wanted some details about the Harken products suitable for one meter Rc sailboats use. List and prices, please. Since the wb site only prices the blocks.

Thanks for your concern.

Please email me at
I will try to contact Dave as well.