Grommet (please identify this part)

Found this grommet in my parts box. I used it to pass the antenna wire through it from inside the boat to the outside. I drilled a hole in the hull near a stay, the fibreglas hull fit snugly in the groove, and the tapered end points upward making a nice seal against the wire. I ran the antenna up the stay.

This is on an older boat and I would like to leave it there (I took it off for this photo), not remove it for the newer boat I am building & I want to get more to use on future yachts.

Problem is: I don’t know where I got it, where it came from.

Does anyone know what this part is? What it is commonly used for? And where I might get more? Is it designed for antennas, from a servo, or maybe not even for r/c electrical ???

The best I can find is it might be called a SLEEVED PVC GROMMET.

Please help.


maybe it’s of a servo, or other wire exit?

never mind the above post. I’m going to canada rubber soon, and i’ll see if they have them.

I just checked if they have a site, and they do. Maybe shoot’em an email and see if they stock the part, or one like it.

I’m still going there soon. Looking for adhesive neoprene for a racing motorcycle seat.

I appreciate you jumping in.

My Web searches not panning out though it seems to be from the electronics world; other than sleeved grommet* it may be a cable (wire) strain relief or restraint.

Hopefully somebody else here on the forum will comment if they recognise this part and know a source.

  • currently not really feasible to order 100 from UK


Yar -

here are a couple locations I found. You can write and ask for sample from the first two. Also wander through Radio Shack or Ace Hardware and look in their small parts bins - sometime surprises are there.