I have been RC sailing since May, 2015 and have got bitten by the bug. I was prompted to start RC sailing by my building of several static wood sailing ship models and thought that it might be beneficial to actually know how they worked. On my own, without any guidance, I purchased an 18" Joysway Orion because of the size and price. I then realized that it might be helpful to have someone show me how to sail. I came in contact with a new AMYA club, Queen City Model Yacht Club, in Charlotte, NC and was gladly shown how to sail the Orion and also the club staple, Seawind. I quickly appreciated the sailing performance of the 1M Seawind over the 18" Orion and purchased a Seawind. Then the learning began and continues. As with all hobbies, I had to try something new and now own a Dragon Force 65 and just completed a Soling 1M in addition to the Orion and Seawind. They all have their good and bad points. The DF65 and Orion are easy to transport and the Orion can be dropped into just about any pond with water and the DF65 flys in a decent wind. The Seawind is a good all around sailing boat that can really point close but is tough for me to transport. I am just getting acclimated to the Soling 1M but discovered today that it sails in heavy winds a lot better than the Seawind. The wind this morning was 17 mph plus and the Soling kept pretty much on track as the Seawinds went around in circles and bounced up and, mostly,down.
I saw this forum last night and was intrigued by it only being involved with RC sailing, which suits my interest. I anticipate a positive give and take on the site regarding boats and sailing them!

I would say you have been well bitten, but… isn’t it fun! I am waiting for the snow to go away and for the temps tmps to get above freezing (mainly the temps now).

Welcome to the madness and enjoy your boats.


I would also mirror the same greetings as Tom and wish you the very best in your new hobby, passion, dependency :wink:

Take some time and take a look at the variety of topics we have touched upon here in this forum. Feel free to post questions for the other subscribers to answer, and take a look as some of the free plans offered - if you enjoyed building the static models.



I am also someone who never sailed lol!!
Building is the most fun for me to be honest. If you’ve built statics it should be a fairly easy jump for you.