Hello from Maine, USA. I understand we are obliged to introduce ourselves before we can sit in on any discussions, so being the newest kid on the block, I’ll do that.
I’ve been building models on and off for most of my life. Some were given away, some sold, some still live here, but they were all static up until a year or so ago.
I became interested in RC quite a while ago, but just recently bought some equipment and started learning this facet of the hobby in earnest. I’m not a purest…I like sail and power, but I’m of the opinion that sail has the best potential of looking the most realistic from a short distance. (I hate to see tug boats doing a scale fifty miles an hour on plane! :lol:) I also lean towards scale, rather than racing.
Now, if I haven’t alienated everyone on the site, :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to meeting some of you, learning the “tricks of the trade”, and discussing ideas.

Reef early,


Welcome Tim

Thank you, TBrighton!