Perfect place for a first posting. I’m so new I dont have a boat yet. I have been researching to death my first though. I have not even touched a remote or model as yet either.

Also looking for R/C sailing activity in Durham region, just east of Toronto. I have not even touched a remote or model as yet either. I have been active in the forum asking questions and looking at the best fit for me. Andrew at Gospectre, K1, DarthDude have great in assisting me thus far. Cancute of BC directed me to Metro Modellers who I have not yet chatted with. And Dick L of Minnesota sent me here to this forum to look for Couger who was thought to be in my area. Great people all of them. At first look I also saw a Whitby resident but cant find him now. I look forward to touching base and further researching my potential new hobby.

There is a Whitby resident. I don’t have any boats to sail, but I’m here.
I don’t know when the next time I’ll have a boat finished for myself, but when one is ready, I’ll be ready to hook-up for a sail. :slight_smile:

welcome kotoc…
i am just north of toronto… well north west anyway… I am in waterloo… and i a sail almost everything… my motto… geta boat. then look for people who are holding reggata… then go talk… i got seawinds. and 4 IOM 2 us 1 meter… an iacc120 and now working on a marbhlead… and as dick probalby told you… i also have a cat… not a good cat… i just took 2 IOM hull and strapp them together… it works… sort of…
if you wanna chat … i am on msn alot… and i can probably help you… i have gotten a few guys in the water for cheap…they in IOM or us 1 meter… most guys go for the IOM as they are the run around here. MMM runs them alot… but they are also competitive…
like i said… if you wanna chat… i am a good guy… i think … dick and dan will attest to that… i think


Hook up with Nigel if you can … he’s built amazing beautiful boats of his own design … he’s also built a bunch of custom hulls for me … if you’re willing to do your own fitting, I’ll give you one of my Heron built BlueSkies … they’re decent summer boats, great in moderate winds (kinda suck in a heavy blow) … let me know, I’m in Toronto … Trevor

ps … the bluesky is a footy … do a search here and you’ll come up with images somewhere

Or thought I was… Hi guys and and thanks for responding.

Here’s the thing. I was getting a ETNZ, but research on the boat tells me that its not a great first boat kit. Needs a lot of rework. Looks great and that was what hooked me. I suppose that was TT’s expectation.

Seawind then… its the one! Great feed back on the kit and proven boat. Who sails/races them??? Not that that is a primary decision maker. But as a competition sailor years ago, I would not be surprised if I did try my hand at R/C sailboat racing. Trying to find people in my area-GTA if not Durham region. Hmmmm not much luck there as yet for the Seawind.

Victory… ok here we go. Metro Marine Modellers of Toronto seem to love them. Price is real good for just the standard kit. And to upgrade to GoSpectre sails, I and a good winch servo locally or N. America via online retail. I have a competitive boat to start with, and a proven boat too. Andrew had been very supportive in my research to find my first boat, and he also has a few boats too. Almost ordered one by my local shop today. She could have had it for me tomorrow if I wanted.

But as my new network of influence grows( thats you all ) I hesitate. Whats the chances of pre-owned boats out there. So far I have not seen many and is that a good choice? Seems that its not unusual to be a collector of many boats and classes too.

Couger nice collection too btw! Truly I have interest in all the classes you have, and more. Have to start somewhere and be satisfied. Perhaps your motto is right on. “get a boat”

Decision has been made and the Victoria wins. I will be getting my kit asap. Just finding out the who and where. Locally I can get it ordered and have it within a week. However they don’t specialize in sailing so I would really like to chat/pick up from a person/shop that knows RC Sailing re: paint, sails, masts, winch servos, radios (newbie when talking about the electronics here too) , and perhaps some additional parts…upgrades to the original kit. I always like to check out options when I buy. Packages could work out nice sometimes when spending $$$

Jump in if you have suggestions on any of the above.

Special thanks to: Andrew( From, DarthDude and K1. To Canute, and tallastro for the info on contacts at Metro Marine Modellers of Toronto, Dick L. for the contact at Cougar, To tmark thanks for your offer that I still may be interested in, let me know if it still stands. And last but not least Bill S from the MMM of Toronto. All of you were instrumental in my first RC boat.

OK - now that you’ve made a decision ( decent first boat - second or third) hop on over to the Victoria AMYA Class pages and connect with the class secretary. Great class and great bunch of sailors (no comment on the current executive group :mad: ) I WILL SUPPORT AMYA CLASSES so tell Brian I sent you over to the class page.

It is at: and be careful, since it is a one-design class if you decide to try racing - or if you want to sell later. Only make changes allowed by the rules - but they will probably have their own forum so ask questions as you go.

Good luck and be sure to post photos as you build and sial to help out other new sailors too.