Greetings to this board

Hello all,

My name is Ted and I am a newbie here from Portland, Oregon. I’m 43, practice law and teach it, and have so far built three model boats from Tippecanoe kits (two T37s and one T27).

I am here to learn and participate, share whatever I can, and develop new friendships and connections. I am excited about the possibility of crafting my first planked hull. I’m interested in the IOM class as well as my own T37 class. And I’m quite keen on whether folks here might somehow gather (in person or merely in spirit) in San Francisco for the 2013 America’s Cup.

In conclusion, thank you for your website and thank you for letting me invite myself on board.


Ted N.

I am planning on being in SF for the AC. Might have to build a vane M so I can sail it at spreckles or just bring a star 45.