Greetings from the Seawinds in Maryland.

Looking forward to finding information on replacement spreaders and sail servo types.


Suggest contacting Kyosho in Lake Forest, CA @ 949 454 8854 ask for Efrin in customer service. Last time I talked with him he mentioned he had ordered replacement servos and parts - not sure which parts but spreaders would seem a logical item, as they are some what fragile. The original factory spec’d sail servo was the Futababa S 3801 which as we all know is not offered by Futaba any longer. My guess is that when Kyosho brought back their RTR Seawind’s they had some one make the new ones which should be a similar product, if not the same. I have a couple S 38801 that I purchased for back up, so I am good, but would like to think that Kyosho has new versions for sale.:slight_smile: