Greetings from Switzerland (Bern)

here i am!
now… what is there to say about me:

i am a rc sailboat modelbillder who does not feel a particular obligation class.
so my mini-shipyard is also extremely versatile:
Graupner of rubin to Robbe windstar it has everything.

gere is a small list:
Graupner: - rubin, norderney
Robbe: - atlantis, windstar estelle, Jollie (standard laser),
Thunder Tiger: - victoria
Self billding: - Old English yacht, long kiel (like dragon) and 2x iacc120 (prada luna rossa)
and and and:

i hope that sometime soon I can post some pictures … here



jolli as standard laser with balancer
dragon 1:12 from billing boats
dragon 1:6 self made

the mini-shipyard
opti jolle 1:4
open 60 from

I am doing some research on Graupner’s Rubin and found your post. I am hoping you still have your Rubin so that would be able to ask a favor. I have tracked down a new Rubin kit here in the U.S. the only issue is the kit is missing the mast. Apparently at the end of the production run Graupner ran out of the masts, and decided to ship this kit to the U.S. distributor in Florida (years ago) without the mast.

The gentleman has kept the kit all these years. On a positive note, I have been in contact with the fellow that designed the model, but he for the moment has no access to his old files (Graupner is out of business as you may know) I have found no owner’s in the U.S. So I am searching the world hoping to find a Rubin owner I can get the dimensions from. I am advised the may be able to furnish the replacement mast materials but the actual dimensions would be very helpful to insure I get the right fit.

I am located in the wine country of Temecula California, and an avid RC sailor and would enjoy adding a Rubin to my collection of RC sailboats. I don’t know if you still monitor this forum but I am hopeful you do.

I have started a dialog on another great RC forum at here is a link to that site:
Might be of interest to you. You can send me a private message or go to the other forum to reach me.
Thank you

Hi Boomer,
I just start traking on various forums and found that the mast height from deck is 1700mm this may help further :
Merry Christmas

Thank you for the photos and links. All have been very helpful. I have been able to secure a “new in the box” Rubin but after receiving it I have discovered is missing a number of parts. The seller has offered to have me return it for a refund, so that is a good thing.

I am considering keeping and just fabricating the missing items. Some pats are easier to replace than others, needless to say I am very disappointed. After seeing the kit I was surprised at how thin the deck pieces are. (Vacuum formed ABS) I have some concerns about the potential for cracking. I have built two Graupner Micro Magic’s and have concluded Graupner was not very good at molding components. The parts fit better than the MM parts do so I guess that’s a good thing.
Not sure what I’ll do yet.

Welcome Bern , love the collection , I hope my little shop looks like yours some day, I love to build sailboats , I find it very relaxing and fun.