Greetings from Sweden all RC sailors..!

Hello, I have just bought myself an RC sailingboat second hand. The boat is a Swedish GRP design in the Marblehead class, is called “Progress” and appears to be from the 70ies or 80ies. It has not been used for a looooooong time and I am just now trying to restore it to a seaworthy condition.
My hobby background is from model aircrafting which I have been doing since I was a young lad in the 50ies - and still do - but so far I have not (yet) been RC-sailing.
However, I am not unfamiliar to (full scale) sailing and have past experience from dingies, skerry cruisers, IOR offshore racing and also built a GRP 33 foot trimaran in the late 70ies.
Found this site in my search for relevant info to restore the M-boat - had to scrap most of the antiquated gear onboard and start from scratch but the standing rig and the sails will have to do for now. Hope to become approved to search this site for good info…Thank you…!:)…Cheers/Harald

Harald Brötell
Södertälje, Sweden

Looks like a great boat… Cant wait to see what you do with it.

Thank you chad for letting me in…I can now open attachments and see pics…Great…! Yes, it is a nice boat and sure looks like a real yacht, a bit heavy at 7kg and the sails are very crude one panel sails in rather heavy dacron. And yes, there is a rudder too but I had to take it out to straighten the rather flimsy 4mm piano wire axle…will keep you posted on my progress…Cheers/Harald

Maiden voyage yesterday in very light winds. No leaks, all went well but sails are not to my liking…Cheers/Harald

Hi, due to personal reasons I have not sailed my boat until last week again, Works fine for me now…Cheers/Harald

Take a look at this link, I think you’ll be pleased -

Hi Boomer and thanks for your link with many nice photos. Yes, indeed I do like it and interestingly it shows some single panel sails with no battens which highlights one of my concerns regarding my own boat. Therefore I added battens to it recently and will present my changes and further concerns in another thread here in a moment. Please follow me…Cheers/Harald