Greetings from Sunny Seattle!

I am a mostly into RC airplanes, but have been sailing full on size boats since I was 6 years old and have sailing in my blood. In the early 80s I spent 2 months with my grandparents sailing around the San Juan Islands, and when I finally had the opportunity to move to the Seattle area a few years ago I jumped at the chance. I have owned a number of boats over the years and currently have a C&C 25 Mk II (and a Hobie 16 and a little dinghy…).

I helped my grandfather build a Dumas Star 30 back around 1980 (and still have a scar on my arm from bumping the torch when we melted lead for the keel bulb!). About a decade ago I threw together a Victoria for fun, sailed it for a few years, then put it away. Now my kids are old enough to sail so I dug out the Victoria again and they love sailing it at the local beach.

I have an interest in building a modern, (cheap), fast sailboat to enjoy as a family. I want to try an RG65, or similar, and found this forum on a google search for plans and build threads for RG65 and Footy class boats. Seattle is Tippecanoe T37 country as well, so I am sure I will get a T37 kit from Will Lesh to join in the fun of racing.

Welcome to sailing in the PNW.

Most of the action can be founds here. (and click on any of the links for the Seattle club newsletters - the latest is excellent)

[]( IOM Update - June_2012(email) (1).pdf)


There is also a very active Victoria Class fleet that sails on Green Lake on the 4th Sunday morning of each month at 10 AM. Google Seattle Model Yacht Club for details and contacts.

Thank you John and Rod for the info. I didn’t realize the IOM class and Victoria classes were so popular around here. I need to bring my kids to watch a few races.

Also I am rethinking building an RG65 and instead going for the IOM. Stepping up to build a simple IOM shoudn’t be too big of a stretch in terms of work and expense over the smaller boat (realizing of course that some people put a significant amount of money into IOM…).


Anybody else having trouble making Seattle Radio Sailing link work?