Greetings from Southwest Florida

Hi from sunny Florida. In the 90’s, great breeze blowing. Fishing or RCing best done early then beverages by tne pool!

Green eyed monster here!

It’s a not so pleasant 70 here and just for a change (not) it’s raining!

Welcome to the forum and enjoy your rc sailing - what sort of boat(s) do you have or are planning to build/aquire?


Hi, My only sail boat now is a Bahamut hull AC. I have owned and sailed Victor Stars and Stripes (1987 version) qty. 2 for me and wife, 36" home built ketch, Robbe Kooh-I-Noor (sp?). Retired now and the next one soon will be the Victor Soling 1M which is hugely popular here. Others planned are; scratch built scale motorized ketch of some kind 1meter size, IOM and S&S 1995 or YAM probably in AC120. I have a 56" tug long overdue partially plankled scale of LT5. I recently refitted my Midwest lobster boat and it runs but more work to be done. Several fast electric hulls are sitting there and I have to update at least one for old times sake. There you have it. Now I just need to organize and focus. hahahaha