Greetings from Slovenia


I was searching a lot around on this forum and get a lot of useful information.So why not to register,so i can ask some questions…
At first i was flying with model sailplanes,and than me and my friend decided to build IOM boat called vanquish and the journey begins we fall into sailing with sailboats and here i am…

Here are some photos from building IOM Vanquish.

Have a nice day!


Nice work Mihael - looking forward to seeing more photos as you work to complete it.


Um thnx.

The boats actualy were finished and they have some hours on water,but looks like some pictures got away from album.
I updated it already.

Yup - they are now there. Some of the photos that were missing also help to understand your build.

Of some interest/history - the designer of VANQUISH used to particpate very often on this forum, but hasn’t been here lately. His most recent activity was to ask questions about the RG-65 Class, and rules regarding mast height above deck. Dan Sherman did the original design and provided it free across the web. It seems there are quite a few that have been built and sialing, and some are showing up in the winner circles in regattas. Also, the design seems to have been accepted more by European countries than here in the US - which is great - but also too bad that those wanting a good performing, entry level IOM with ability to win - have overlooked it.

Dan - if you still are reading these - we would welcome you back to discuss your feelings on the design now that it has been able to mature.

Unicron - thanks again for the photos post.


Thnx Dick for some info.Here in our country actualy is no iom regatas a few in the other part of country.Here they sail 75cm sailboats.I hope Dan will come back, might with super rg65 design.I am now starting to build rg65 mainly because easier transportation ok they look great too and i like to build…
But i am slow builder so i need to be aware of wood worms:)