Greetings from Santiago, Chile

Hi Sailors,
Greetings from Santiago, Chile, please visit our web site where you will find all the activities and competitions of the chilean RC sailing classes.
Please feel free to contact me for any suggestions related with Victoria and RG classes. I discovered RC sailing just since march of this year and It has became an absolutely addictive activity. I started racing with a Victoria and now I decided to built my own RG that is very near to get in the water for his first time in two or three weeks more.

After my first 7 races in our local tournament with my Mapache Victoria (CHI - 65), I ran at the 4th position. And next month I will be starting my first experience with my new Jif Puma RG (CHI - 65) actually under construction.

For all members of this forum, I send my best compliments.

Best regards and best winds for everyone.:captain::captain:
CHI - 65, “Mapache”, Victoria
CHI - 65, “Mapache-Puma”, RG - 65