Greetings from Richmond Virginia!

Hello everyone!
by way of introductions, I’m from Richmond Virginia, just getting really into sailing.
Ive built several Free sail “toy boats” and am currently working on a experimental conversion of that free sail design to RC as a warm up to a RG-65 build So I can join the local club for race days.

I’m registering to take part, discuss, observe and learn from other builds and learn about the sport, and this facet of the hobby.
like I’ve said, I’ve built several… I think eight now of these little free sail sloops, a Elliot bay fan tail live steam launch, I also fly antique style .049 glow, and park electric flyers, as well as model rocketry, play around in robotics here and there. as well as some RC car stuff.
I work almost exclusively in all wood, be it kits or scratch from plans, or scratch modified from plans.

also, I make beer for a living, I ruined a perfectly good hobby of brewing beer at home by going pro, so here I am playing around in the RC world at home.