Greetings from Portugal


Just saying hi from Portugal. I can’t even say I’ve done any RC before (except for crashing a plane on its first flight, but let’s pretend that didn’t happen) but I’ve recently become interested in RC sailboats. Looking around the net, the footy seemed like a fun class to start in, with lots of character and different hull shapes/rigging. I am intrigued and I want to try this out.

Together with a friend, we’re plannin on making our own boats, learning as we go. We’ll make sure to share our adventures. And yes, I realise beginners trying to build from scratch is probably a bad idea, but it sounds like fun and I’ve no doubt we’ll be terribly proud of our boats even if they sail all listing to one side or some such :smiley: Hopefully this forum and several other sites will make us look good on that maiden voyage.

I shall now proceed to gorge myself on forum posts :wink:


Welcome to,

Looking forward to what you come up with for your footys.