Greetings from Hellas

I am from Hellas and I am intrested in sailboats.
Right now I am searching information about my first boat.

Gday Orck, welcome!!

Are you planning to buy or build?
The other thing to consider is what size boat and where you might go sailing.
If you go for a bigger boat (1 metre or thereabouts) there may be issues in transporting it (fully rigged) depending on your transport method. Also the water needs to be deep enough and no weeds…

At the other end of the scale, smaller boats (500mm for example) are much trickier to sail if you are a beginner, and are only suited to very light wind.

And then of course there is the cost… how much you want to put into a boat

Give us an idea of how big and how much, I am sure the suggestions will come…