Greetings from Croatia

Hi everyone, my name is Nenad and live in Rijeka, Croatia.

Several months ago I accidentally discovered this forum and wanted to start sailing again. I used to sail back in primary school with 70 cm long beginners RC sailboat.
I have quite a lot experience in RC world. I used to race with 1:6 scale rc cars in Croatian RC car Championship and later in highschool I used to build RC airplanes.
Also, my father and I have small workshop where we have been building static shipmodels for a long period.

So, as I´ve been looking about RC sailboats all over the internet, I decided to build one.
I´m interested in AC120 class, especially in NZL-32 and NZL-20 models, and looking for some complete plans.

I´m looking forward to learn some new stuff from everyone here!



Hi Neno,
I’m glad to see your interest on the AC120 and more particularly to the NZL-20 New Zealand and NZL-32 Black Magic.

About NZL-20 you may have already followed the long tread dedicated in this Forum.
Actually my NZL-20 is in stand by since busy with Esterel-1.2.3.
Fall time I need some rest for a while !
If you search for NZL-20 drawing/plans , please find them here below.
For the Black Magic NZL-32 the discussion was just started in this forum, but I have several models under construction and when you get too many around you end up that none is finish yet !!
In attachment the Plan and Shadows of Black Magic.

Enjoy this forum and good choice


Not wishing to hijack this post, but looking at Claudio’s Black Magic files I’m always amazed at the relatively shallow draft of the ‘full size’ version. Perhaps I’m just used to seeing pictures of the AC120’s. A salutary lesson in scaling down if ever there was one…



Hi Claudio,
thank you for your quick response and for sharing your plans!

I saw threads about NZL-20 and Blackmagic NZL-32 and studied both in detail.
I really like your approach in building sailboats, it is not just builiding strictly by plans but exploring different possibilities with different settings of individual parts of boat…great job, keep it up!
First time heard of Esterel-1.2.3. but I´ll keep on following your building log.

Thanks again!


Welcome to the Forum Nenad, I have made male moulds for both NZL-20 & 32 and pulled a hull off the 32 mould, and half way through construction now. I can tell you there are some special little tricks in NZL-32 design which are true to its name sake of “Blackmagic” if you study the plans carefully you will see one of them.

Looking forward to help-out wherever possible

Cheers Alan