Greetings Claudio!

Claudio Diolaiti had heart surgery yesterday to remove a blockage of cholesterol to coronary arteries. Now it seems to be fine but in 15 days he will have a new one of another coronary artery.
Let’s extend our best wishes, with the hope that it will come out soon and better than before!

Claudio get well!!!


Hi Claudio, We will be praying hard for your prompt recovery. Get well.

Hi Claudio
With all the best.
Hope to get well soon.


Claudio - just adding my well-wishes to the others you will receive. Get well my friend - we are all praying for your better health.

Best wishes and warmest regards,

Dick Lemke
Minnesota, USA


I’m sure everything will get well and I hope we get good news soon. Hang on !

You’re very much in our thoughts,

All best wishes for a swift and complete recovery


All the best Claudio, wishing you a speedy recovery.
Hope to have you on here again once you are mended!


Have been in total awe of your workmanship & ideas for some time now and have thoroughly enjoyed - and taken in - your advice to others.
Wishing you the speediest of recoveries so that your ‘work’ here may long continue.



A great tank to you Matthias,
is true what you says , only one artery is clean with the insertion of a ‘stent’. The second artery will be operated within 15 days. The reason of that is because there was some complcations during the intervention.

What is strange in all that, is that my annual chek-up did never revealed any cholesterol values outside the ranges. 80% vegeterian and no alchools !!

All my warmest thanks to everybody for all the marks of sympaty.

All the best Claudio … your students from all over the world will be wishing for you a full recovery & may your extra ordinary skills & knowledge sail on forever.

Best Regards Alan

Hi Claudio…

Thanks for the update!


Get well and all the best for the upcoming surgery.
Perhaps one glass of fine red wine a day… in the many years to come?:slight_smile:

a humble student.

Hello claudio,
Speaking on behalf of a great number of internet sailors, I’m sure, your knowledge and willingness to help others and promote our hobby is simply astounding. From the workmansip tips to full write ups, or even just organizing it all in one space, we are all indebted to you.
I will add you to my prayers for the speedy recoveryfrom the first, and the smooth sailing for the second!
Get well soon, we will miss you until then!

A bientot sur l’eau !


Merci beaucoup ! pas avant l’année prochaine de toute façon !
Thanks, not before the next year anyhow and probably with a new model called FDS111 .

Hi Claudio,

When do you go in for the 2nd stent? I wish you all the best for a speedy recovery! We are all thinking of you!

Best wishes,

Programmed for the Dec. 8
Thanks Kevin

Hi Claudio!

I hope everything went well for you! Take it easy for a while. Maybe a little boat building will speed your recovery :slight_smile:

Best wishes,

Hi everybody,
Happy to be back now, all finished. No additional Stent was necessary
Still a lot of drugs, hoping soon to eliminate some, this is what make me afraid now.
New design FDS-111 is ready and probably starting construction after a short period of rest
Wish you all best and happy Christmas and happy New Year.
Good sailing


Great to hear You are back and that all went OK.
Wish You all the best.
Take it easy and sail hard!

Season Greetings to You and all on this forum.