Got my A 600 Skiff kit!

Wow, this thing looks cool, but lots of building!

All measurements are in metric so off to buy some digital calipers, I don’t have the patience to convert everything to inches!!

I will be building a CF rig rather than the wood it calls for and making some other mods as I go.

I would like to play with some flapped foils after I get her sailing traditionally.

I have a feeling it may be a bit too heavy to be sucessful in making her rise like a flying moth!!
The ABS hull and deck are no lighweights, but seem to be solid evough for me take along on my sailing vacations.

Took almost a month to arrive from the UK, Royal Mail…

I like the tacks in the videos.

That boat is cool.

The video actually shows the larger model, a bit too large to put in a carry on bag for air travel.

Did a bit of work on the model yesterday and am pleased with the kit, it does call for wood dowels for mast and boom, i will be ordering tapered CF tubes for this.
I also dislike eye screws and will be building or buying fittings for goosenect, boom vang, etc.

The centerboard (no ballast) and rudder are ABS sheet, I will bulid these, but again upgrade to CF skinned foils.

Should be fun, can’t wait to practice up on roll tacks, capsize recoveries, etc!!!