Gooseneck/Boom fittings

Hi Guys,

Are there any manufacturers of radio yacht fittings that are more modestly priced than whats currently available from the major suppliers.
I’m looking for Goosenecks (where the hell did that name come from?) and booms for an IOM I’m building.


Gold Coast


check out sailsect…

or more local, well at least on the same continent but they look they stock stuff from sailsect…
they are probably what you would consider major…

bob dudinsky in florida makes stuff for thre Ec12 so it maybe a bit larger than what you need for the iom.

good luck with this site. lots of stuff, and somewhat logically laid out, but still some language issues(french) and on the other side of the world from you… never purchased anything from them so I’m not sure on customer service

personally I am a big fan of sails Ect Graham and his crew do a fantastic job of shipping and service. Heck id get stuff from england from graham delivered long before his american counterparts would even think of mailing it… the extra price for the great service and great quality is well worth it…

There are only a few manufacturers of the “pro” fittings, and they are a bit costly. But in the IOM class, you are free to construct these yourself from almost any material. I have seen goosenecks made by screwing a screweye into the side of a wooden mast, with another screweye in the end of a wooden boom. Open one up a little, slip it into the other and you have a perfectly useable fitting. Do similar for your vang fittings.

Search for some photos of Michael Scharmer’s IOMs. He is a prolific designer/builder of IOMs and usually uses wooden masts and booms with many homemade fittings. You will he that he does well in the IOM worlds that he has attended with his boats!

The more expensive fittings are well worth the price for those that (feel they) need more precision or are all thumbs!

I used the Graupner vang/goosneck from the micro magic on my ODOM for a few years until I sold the boat and I use it on my vic as well… yes I had to modify it slightly to make it work…but it worked well…

I’m with ya Hew
a brass tube with two ends flattened set inside another brass tube then lashed to the mast makes for a very simple assembly… for the boom and vang to attach to heck you could even make it ball bearing raced if you pick you sizes right…

For me, there are just some fittings that Id rather slap on than try to reinvent the wheel…

Yes, there is, in your country:
Variant Marine fittings, you can find a ball raced gooseneck for the price of the standart Sailsetc gooseneck.