Gooseneck alignment

I’m making a new rig and I have a slight lateral mis-alignment of the gooseneck(the axis that causes more twist on one side than the other). I made the gooseneck on my milling machine cutting the seat and holes without moving the part so it should be good. Anyway it is only out enough to cause the boom tip to be about 1/8" higher on one side than the other. This 1/8" causes quite a difference in twist-one side the leach is tight and the other has substantial twist. How do you guys deal with this? Do you line the gooseneck and seat it in epoxy? If so how do you line it up? Am I being too picky, maybe on a run this dosen’t matter that much?

Hi Don,

The alignment is really important. If it is out, then the mainsail twist will be right on one tack and off on the other. The problem is that if you get it right on one side, then the other side will bind to the point that the main will not go all the way out. Or if set to be correct on the ‘tight’ side, then the other side will be loose such that there is more twist and you will loose drive.

No ideas on “how to”?

You need to determine where the error is.

Is the bottom of the mast on center and vertical? Is the mast straight thwartship?

Is the fitting skewed on the mast?

If no, then are the upper and lower holes inline vertically?

Are the holes in the boom end and vang fitting on center?

These are the most likely causes.

If not, then maybe the bearing faces of the fitting are not square.

Either retool the fitting, start over or use a different design (per my e-mail).

I have posted a description of my low cost, low friction gooseneck and vang assembly in the technology forum.

Hope you find it useful