Goose Neck

I orderer a goose neck from Sailset for my Marble Head. When it arrived there was no tighten screw just some plastic tubing attaching screw shaft to vane. Will I was adjusting and the tubing broke. This was not how the part look in the catalog. Any ideas where I can find a tightening screw or how to built a new one? Looks like Sailset has changed how the built goose vane kicking strap.


pictures of the parts in question would help

Hi Axle

I have heard that SAILSetc have changed their design for certain of their gooseneck fittings in this way, instead of the locking wheel there is a length of silicone tube which does the same thing, holding the adjustment screw in place. It seems that it is difficult for SAILSetc to source lock wheels to a satisfactory standard. As far as I know the silicone tube is a better solution than the lock wheel, since it doesn’t seize up on the threads.

I would suggest you e-mail SAILSetc ( and explain your difficulty. My experience is that they will reply quickly and courteously.

As a matter of interest, how did you break the silicone tubeing (smile)?