Nothing more to be said!

Hi Ernst!
‘learning-by-doing’ is the best way, I agree.

Hey Ernst!
This is your South African student, I havent been able to contact you via your email address, and by freak chance saw this post, therefor i assume you are off enjoying a deserved holiday?.. You will be pleased to know I have completed the first stage of training sir…

Hope to be in contact soon.
Kind Regards,

I have not received the plans of the Nightmare you were going to send.

Hey Ernst,
I would still have appreciated an email though!
Good luck in your new business!


Ernst: You want me to help you by completing the MKIV Superslim and then tell you my impressions and also send you pictures. Then answer my questions and send me the plans as promised. You say you are uncertain which way to go in the future. What does that have to do with answering the questions and sending the plans. I have only hulls and x-arms for the MKIV, how do you expect it to be completed already. You haven’t helped me much with the MKIII so I haven’t started on the MKIV.

MKIII: When I drilled into the hull to make a starter hole for my X-acto saw for the installation of the keel trunk I found the hull to be yellow, Kevlar?? not carbon. It smelled like old fiber circuit board when cutting. What is the lower half of the main hull made out of and what is the black bubbly coating over it. Can I sand the coating smooth. What happens if I hit the yellow material. Where the two halves join you put some sort of stopper and the black dripped , sagged and curved out 1/8" at that point when you sprayed? Should I leave this bump? How do I get hull smooth?