Good LiFE pack for SE

Does anyone know of a good LiFE battery pack to use in the Seawind? I am specifically looking for a pack that can fit in the class legal battery tray and has appropriate milliamps to power things for at least 3-4 hours. It seems that many of them I am seeing are an odd size that likely wouldn’t fit in the battery tray.

Your input is appreciated!

Seawind #425

There are several flat packs which can be legally-mounted on top of the battery box (Velcro to a block of foam velcroed inside the box), but we prefer a square pack such as the Reedy brand 1700 ma pack. It is roughly the same size as a 4xAA holder (roughly 1.5x1.3x2.2"). Hope this helps. It should last you all day with no problem. Good luck.

SW #272

Several of us are using the Zippy Flightmax 700 mAh High Discharge LiFe Battery 6.6 volt, 2 cell. It fits easily into the battery box. It lasts all day. When I go to recharge it, it shows 80% charged.