Good evening to all!


I am new here (hence the thread), anyway, despite the fact of not knowing what time zone you are in, it is the evening here, thus the title of the thread.

I have been building my first design of boat, a footy, which has been an on going project whilst building a Farr 3.7.

I have been dipping in and out of the RC world for a number of years now, originally starting in helis, and I used to own a T-Rex 450 Pro. But during all this time my primary interest has been sailing. So, why not combine the two?

I currently sail (for anyone interested?) an International Asymmetric Canoe. However, rc sailing, seems both like a fun and interesting hobby to have as well.

I look forward to posting in the forums here…



Hi Max - maybe you might want to update your profile page and include where “HERE” is … since there are registered members on this site from all over the world - not just the US.

Plus, can we (for everyone) ------ update your profile so we can easily sort the spammers from legitimate members. Home town, country, state, etc. helps identify you all as real people - not some “bot” that found their way in to the site. By the way - starting your name with a ! * = or similar is a sure way to get banned and deleted. Just a word to all. If in doubt, please read the rules of the forum site.

Thanks much, Dick

Hi Dick,

Sure thing, I shall do that now…by the way, I am not from the US anyway, although there does seem to be a healthy US contingent on the site!