Going to Australia-Suggestions?

My brother has just been accepted to QUT (Queensland University) in Australia and I was just wondering if anybody who has been there or lives there (or around there) has any advice?

Like where to stay? Where Not to stay? Good places to eat? etc…

ye, are you gonna come down to sydney?

I wont be there for another year or so. (have work to get done) When and if I get the chance to go there I will definitely visit Sydney.

But my brother is leaving this Jan. I think school starts there around March?

Yup - I live here in Brisbane. He can contact me if need be.

Nick 0418 727 727

Going to Brisbane Don’t drink the water or the four X (beer) but you can live on their meat pies . There so good you could die for, other than that the weather which is Beautiful one day, perfect the next and it is.

Chad , I live in Sydney . let me know what you want, okay?

bullshit the weather is Beautiful one day, perfect the next, i remember when i went up there it was beautiful when i left melbourne, probably 25-30C, got to sydney, still beautiful, got to brisbane & it was raining, then got to makay, & it was pissin down with rain, all cloudy, it was like that for 2 or 3 days. that is not perfect!

steve, where do you sail your rc boat out of?

I sail out of Yarra Bay Sailing Club and Drummoyne sailing club. Where do you sail your R/C boats from?

If Your a yotty, Yachty, any day on the water is great. Rain is only heavy mist.

I like the tall silent type Yachty. So you hail from Melbourne? Where do you sail.Why don’t you come to Ballarat on 1/2nd of October and we could swap some sailing views about heavy mist sailing down wind (rain) and such like.

My brother is planning to get settled in Brisbane Australia (near gardens point campus of QUT) and needs to find an under the table job because student visa does not permit students to work till study has started… He is flying down there a month before school starts, which would be mid janurary. He has good welding skills and will work hard.

It will be very expensive to get close to gardens point campus at it is in the middle of the city. Depending on the kind of life style he likes here goes.

The city and valley areas are yuppy’s.
Northside of town is quiet.
Northeast is race tracks and coffee shops.
Northwest is suburban and price varies the further you get out.
Southside is busy and bustling(for us northsiders anyway)
Southeast is quiet bay area.
Southwest is hot and dry.

Prices for houses and apartments in all city and suburban areas.

City prices to rent are around $300 per week for two bedroom apartments houses however are more expensive.

Northside prices for houses are around $ 300 per week apartments can be upto $100 cheaper.

Southside prices are quite similar to northside I think.

All these prices are in Australian dollars.

Hope this helps.