Global melt-dwn on the way

It’s beginning to get warmer again across the northern hemisphere where most of us live. This means it’s time to go sailing again.

Over the winter we had a very nasty fright when a couple of idiots started playing Footys as if it was a highly complex rules game played behind doors marked KGB and BOSS. People started packing their bags and leaving for less quarrelsome company – like IOMs! Hopefully that is all now behind us – but we need to make up.

Slightly surprisingly, people are prepared to travel a long with their Footys. There are two people from UK going to Sheboygan WI in May – the fame of those sausages – and probably at least one Canadian. A Swede has booked to come to the Colwyn Bay heat of the NZ Postal Classic and, if all rumours come true, the UK National Championships on 29 July will have a list of entries taken straight from the tower of Babel.

But all this is very high tech, and very high profile. If you and your mates get together at Sunday lunchtime for a beer and a little Footy racing in the pond outside the Dog and Duck pub, let everyone know – in this forum, in the press, anywhere you care to think of. Other people here may latch onto the idea, you may find some more mates and – if you are very lucky – you might even get a discount on he beer!

Get to it guys: it’s time to conquer the grass roots!

I’m glad it’s on the way, Angus, because as I read this it’s minus 3 degrees Farenheit at my house this morning! I’m just hoping we’ll have iceout by mid-April for the Postal Regatta. And Doug will probably still be shoveling out of the drifts in Buffalo! Cross your fingers for us.

Bill H

Promise?? Angus:scared: I’m still here, with Footy on the brain

Spring still seems a ways off here…woke up to a winter storm. We got a foot of snow, power out for a couple hours, 20 degrees F.

First task of the day was to shovel out an area in the kennel for our 2 new Newfie puppies to do their thing!

Hope others are enjoying better weather.

Yeah, Mudhen, we’ve had a cold front move through south Louisiana, too. Dropped the temperature overnight all the way to below 50 degF. High today is expected to be only 65. I may not be able to stay out in shorts, as I have for the last several days. I tell you, winter is terrible here! (Even if we do sort of pay for it by having an extended summer…)

Hope you guys in the frozen nawth thaw out soon.

Mike Biggs

We had about 70 last Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday morning was warm, then a thunderstorm, and even a Tornado! Thursday- another inch of snow. :scared: Then warm again, and last night- aother inch. That’s Ohio for ya. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t forget, un the UK, “Footy” has a totally different meaning, than we think of here (think grass, pints or lemonade, and a ball with little black spots on it.)

Tomo, we had similar weather shift here as well. 80F Wed, very rainy yesterday, and 46F today. Sailed anyway. Shivering and cold hands made adjusting the rigging tough. Good day on the water, tricky wind shifts, knock down gusts, and good friends. The finish line was the toughest part of the course.

Anyone that’s still frozen in April is welcome in NC for the Footy regatta. No preregistration required.

Another sunny day in Sheboygan :cool:
Had the 69 ish on Monday too, then cooler but all of the snow melted in a flood so the world is green again. Many holes in the ice and another 4x4 went through the other day locally, which is a good sign.

Since my arrival here (2002) I am told we haven’t had a Wisconsin winter… suits me! They do appear to have moved to the east somewhat eh Bill :rolleyes:

Graham (preparing to pack case)…

No video? (of the 4x4 falling through) :devil3: :lol:

On tv news yes… but I don’t have a copy :confused: The best one this winter was the Milwaukee (channel 12 maybe?) tv van which fell through the ice doing a story about thin ice… took a while to get it out… trashed all the electronics they said… erm sorry boss :scared:


Speaking of snow & ice melting, here’s a photo of local iceboats set up today on 2 feet of ice waiting for the wind to come up. It never did, but hopefully will tomorrow so we can get some racing in.

ps to Angus & Graham: I hope to make it up to Sheboygan in May. Is there an exact date set yet?

Yes Bill… Sunday May 20th as detailed here…

If you need any more info. PM or email. Looking forward to meeting you.