Ghost Train being built in Singapore

Hi to All,
Just an update on the Ghost Train project that my brother and I started. We have decided to build a plug of the hulls in balsa and pull a mold. We started in July and after many hours, we are about 3/4 done with the planking of the main hull. Both working on the deck and fairing topside/underwater section at the same time. The stage of pulling a main hull mold is still quite far off. It will only be done when we are happy with the finish, dimensionally as close as possible and fair enough to pull a mold.

We expect the project to drag on for some months to maybe more than a year as we only work on it, on week nights after our day job. Saturday is no help… IOM sailing/racing day.

Attached are some shots just for interest sake.

Picture 028.jpg

Picture 031.jpg

Picture 030.jpg