Ghost Town???

What happened to this place?
Is there another forum that’s being used or is rc sailing dead?


Hi Greg - and welcome back.

Some of the “old timers” are still hanging out, and a lot of new guys from across the pond (and down under). Most info lately is related to the FOOTY Class as it seems it is the new kid on the block over the last several years.

I’ve hung up the multihull efforts ( on a large scale ) and still fool with my own. Next big class may be the RG-65’s which are scaled down Marbleheads. Many appear to also be scaled down IOM designs, with lots of free plans, and it’s develomental, which might also appeal to your tastes.

Drop me an email off line. Heard good things ( and sawa photo or two of some crazy guy racing a Mini-Cooper)? Would like to catch up with you.

PS Cougar is still around ! Later - and thaks for dropping in.

PPS - had a bunch of SPAMMING last few days, so maybe many are staying home until Chad gets the offenders “rooted out”.


This forum has turned into a footy forum maybe thats why others posts some where else


You mentioned on the other forum that you were having difficulty getting into the IOM forum - but I see you’ve managed to make a post there, so I guess that all got sorted.

There is still a strong market for IOMs. I doubt your Errica will last long.

Does this mean you will be doing some more IOM sailing?

Hey guys. Fun to hear from you.

Dick, I’ll drop you an email…

Yea, I did finally find that, new to me, IOM site. The other one must be the old site , IOMICA.
Yea, I’ll be back sailing I think, and of course with the IOM. I still have four other very good IOMs and a bunch of other boats.

Yea, Dick, the car racing was fun and it did take me away from sailing for about three years. With the economy the way it is, it looks like I’ll be sailing more then racing this year.
I still have the 110, both full size and the 1M. I think I’ll try and get the 1M out this spring.
Dick, you have a link or something to that RG-65 class? I have noticed that the footy is now big here with the MMYC in Needham Ma. Might have to take the challenge! Haa


Greg - try this link:

  • you will need to register to post or view other parts of the website, but it’s just a way to cut down on SPAM and be able to block ISP of any “troublemakers”.

Once you are signed in as a web page subscriber, you can visit the “database” and check out the guys sailing up there near you. Al Suydam comes immediately to mind, but there are others. We currently have 231 subscribers, and have issued 41 sail numbers to register boats being (or already) built since last January/February when we got the class off the gound here in US. Also have spun off a few Canadian owners too. I’m kind of acting as registrar, and have recently “floated” some COA ideas past registered members. I believe the members will be voting in a COA in January and probably will elect Earl Boebert too, as President.

More stuff in my responding email to ya.