Getting Started!

Hi Everyone!

A few weeks ago I started building my own (and first ever RC boat) ITA-45 IACC120 model inspired by Retanto Chiesa work’s. Since the begining of this project, has been my main source of information thanks to the contribution of their skilled members.
As far as my project goes, I’m almost done with planking, and a 3D verification model (based on Federico Nardone plans, which allows me to collect some data like true LWL, hull and deck joining strategy, etc. From now on, I’d like to post all of my progress in order to receive feedback from others members and evacuate my all of doubts.
By the way, I didn’t metion it but besides being on sailing for a few years (since I was 7 I think), I’m an industrial designer with quite experience on mould making (most of it on plastic injection moulds for large scale productions) and metal casting moulds, models, etc.
I must say I’m very excited with this project and I hope to achieve a really good sailboat!