Getting our radio gear set up with LFP cells

I looked into what you’d need to hange over to the LiFePo4 cells in the typical model yacht.

You’ll need a 6.6V, 2100MaH receiver pack ($40) Will receivers and servos work on 6.6V?

A 9.9V 1500mAh 1C pack for the Transmitter ($40) My Futaba 4NBL has a 9.8V pack, so that should work fine in that. Example:

I’m not sure about which charger I’d use, but a DC dual-charger is in order because I usually top-off things in the way to the pond. Single-pack chargers start at about $70.

So Ou’ll need to spend about $150 to get the first boat working on LiFe cells. I would presume that prices will come down slightly as the cells improve or get popular.

Is there anything I’m missing besides a balancer? Any dessent?


I came up with this idea because my tugboats use Lead-acid batteries, and they don’t last long in storage.

I have been using 1100MaH batteries for my receiver pack and seems to work OK. The battery is smaller and lighter than the 2100 size and I can fit the battery and Spektrum marine receiver in a sailsetc pot.