Getting moving again!

Hi all! -
As I haven’t seen a lot of action or discussion here lately, I’m restarting my rc-multihull-activities! -
New pics, ideas and designs can be seen on:
and in the technical discussions area of this forum!

Best wishes, Ernst Zemann/Austria

Professional shipwright - boatbuilder/-designer with 25 years of experience and a special interest in multhulls

Hi Ernst,
That’s some great looking work. Can you give a little more detail on how you shaped the foam? Will this be covered with glass cloth or is the foam simply going to be used as a mold? Did you used cross section templates & hot wire to cut sections of hull and then glue the pieces together? They look like they were shaped out of one piece. If it is one piece, can you share the techniques used to get the proper shape?


Mark - look here - step-by-step instructions/photos by Jean Margail. He’s designer of the WATER RESIST Mini40 and 2 Meter multihulls from France.

Hi Mark and Dick -

  • and everybody else,
    who may be interested in my
    selfdeveloped building technology! -

Jean Margail’s way to do it isn’t too bad, but my own method is much more effective and also a lot more precise! -
And my hulls become a lot lighter too! -

But remember this:
To know, HOW I’m doing it,
doesn’t necessarily mean,
you can do it as well! -

It takes a lot of experience
and training,
to shape them as precise as I can do it! -

But why shouldn’t we make a game out of this question?

“The first one, who is able to tell the exact sequence of HOW I’m shaping my foam plugs, will get a complete set of selfbuilding plans of my new F60 “Evolution” for FREE! -”


All pics are at:

  • please take a thorough look! -

And everybody, who follows your attempts to solve my secret, will also gain knowledge - right?

Who dares to pick up the challenge first???
Good luck, Ernst Zemann

Professional shipwright - boatbuilder/-designer with 27 years of experience and a special interest in multihulls

nobody cause we all know you won’t send anything as usual!
!!let it begin!! oh and look what I found:

<font size=“1”>“As I have absolutely NO INTENTION, to SELL any F60’s - there is no reason for me, to make any false PR or so - it’s just what I have observed.
Ernst”</font id=“size1”> was in another post you made some time ago…


_/ if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! _<font size=“4”></font id=“size4”>


Well, Wis -
don’t you think a man got a right to change his mind?

Ooh, YES - he does HAVE THIS RIGHT! -

And don’t you see, that you just get back from me, what you give to me most of the time -…- NOTHING?

Give something positive to me -
and you get something positive BACK -
if not -…- well -…-

And that applies to everybody else as well! -
Positive, constructive and or creative INPUT for me -
and positive OUTPUT from my side follows! -

For hollow phrases you’ll get back an IDENTICAL VALUE as well!

Professional shipwright - boatbuilder/-designer with 27 years of experience and a special interest in multihulls

lol …and I thought you were the one who gave nothing (GRIN!!)


_/ if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! _