German to English Translation Needed

I have a 1200 word document in German which I need to have translated into English. It is the chapter on rating rules from Artur Tiller’s 1926 book on model yachting. I would like to run an article on these rules in the USVMYG newsletter. Reward is a free complimentary subscription to the newsletter :slight_smile: Please PM me if you would like to help.



Hi Earl -

Wis (Laurent Schock) used to do mine. His last email was Japan, but hee is in Belgium - so have sent off a note to his old address. Will advise if he contacts me - or he may come directly to you.


I have used onlline translation a couple of times.

Try Google on “GERMAN to ENGLISH translation”.

I have used this site before

Technical terms are always a challenge for these translation services.

Angus earns his crust doing this type of work.

Angus stepped up :slight_smile: so looks like “problem solved.” Thanks to all.