German RG65 Open

last weekend we had the 5th German RG65 Championship at Berliner Yachtclub with 37 boats from 4 countries. 2 participants came from France, 4 from the Netherlands and 5 from Switzerland
Wind was between 8 and 10 knots with gusts up to 25 knots.

Winner is Gerrit de Wilde (NED 32) with a RGForce 65
Second is Harry Drenth (NED 11) with a RGForce 65
Third is Arne Semken (GER 09) with a Coriolis

Both the RGForce 65 and the Coriolis are brandnew designs and performed well under these very harsh condition. However, Mario Rudolph (GER 12) with a X1K (which a slightly modified JIF.65) is fourth with the same number of points as Arne.

Detailed results can be found on

Pictures will follow

Hi - and thank you for the links to the final finishing positions.

I noticed your name was “missing” (???) and know you were working hard to finish up the new boat in time for the event. I hope you didn’t have technical problems that kept you from sialing.

I will be interested in seeing the photos of the new boat designs. Are they a wide, radical design - or just a well-sailed boat by a good skipper?

Stay well - regards, Dick

This looks like the one: A Laerke inspired design.
It seems as though you enjoyed plenty of wind, Joachim.

Thanks Martin


yes, there was plenty of wind … :smiley:

@Martin - you are right. The RGForce looks a little bit like the Laerke but has a chine in aft section with a very flat bottom.

@Dick - the event was a little bit bigger than expected and I was the main organizer. No chance to sail by myself … :frowning:

The first photos are in the German forum. I just had a first look on my approx. 500 pictures. We will publish a selection in the gallery of the page. But it will take some time. Some pictures will be posted in the German forum. Have a look on it

Thanks Achim - sorry to hear you were too busy to sail.

Must have been hard to watch all of them take off at the starting gun - knowing you “WOULD” have been first every time. :smiley:

Will watch for the photos.

Regards, Dick

Yes, I had two really hard days …

… and I think any hard weeks before.
I think it was hard for haegar not to sail. But he made for us a perfekt job.

All skippers sayed much thanks to him, the club and all members who helped for the very very good racing days.
Never I did see so many manpower for a RC regatta and that for us, the RG 65.

  • 3 wifes for protokoll on the startplace
  • 3 racingsailors for jury
  • 1 man as leader of racing (he was in international racing headquarter also)
  • ?? as observer
  • 1 man for the pc
  • and ???
    >> haegar as a fireman on all points where can be a problem.

Respekt to him for the job.

The big ship sailors said me. That it was a very nice experience to see

  • how we make racing
  • how quite we sailed
  • how well the yachts were going by the strong wind

It was there first RC sailboat racing

I thought, that I drived the longest way to Berlin (1200 km from NAVIGA WC in Hungary). But mistake. One sailor was comming via Korea.

Well, any RG sailors aked: “Who and how can top this event.”
But I think we will drive racings in future also.


No it is not a Laerke inspired design, i build several Laerke65, only the deck looks a bit like Laerke65, the Laerke deck didnt fit, I modified it a lot, and i made a new deckmould from it, to fit on the RGForce65 hull.

Hull lines are totally different.

Welcome, Gerrit!

Now you’ve left us all wondering, Gerrit. How about sharing some of your secrets;)

Thanks Achim

Look at the pictures from the Laerke65 hull and the RGForce65 hull.
Or come to the next championship and you will see.



Hi friends!!

Here you have some photos of my new boat.
I don´t sail it yet.