German Mini40 Trimaran "Nightmare Mk.VIII"-kit buildlog

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Hi RC-Multihull-Enthusiasts,
this is very funny:

Its´s about 3 1/2 years ago that these “Gentlemen” of the german RC-Network kicked me out of their forum, after I had helped them a lot to develop their own trimarans and their own Mini40 scene.
Why they did it?
Well - I believe mainly because they concentrated more on their envy and/or jealousy towards me, instead of appreciating my help and my experience which I wanted to share with them for free -…- Anyway -…-

It´s never good to bite the hand that feeds the dog -…-
But in fact, this made me join THIS forum here.
Which then leaded me to publish all my collected datas here.

And by now its all worked out.
With the great help of persons like TBK, Umut Korkmaz, Morespeed and especially Siri from Thailand - who picked up my ideas, transformed my plans into downloadable AutoCAD files, helped me to clarify technical details and parts of the buildprocedure of RC-Trimarans of different sizes overall more than a thousand free plans have been downloaded/ given out by now.

This way I became able to share my knowledge and experience with the world.
(Well - at least the interested part of it.)

Allthough it may take several more years untill a real RC-Multihull-Worldchampionship with more than 50 RC-Multihulls may happen,
to share all needed informations on the Internet for FREE was the main and basic prerequisite!

And by now this long circle of 3 1/2 years has been completed.
The first german fellow has received a “Nightmare Mk.VIII” kit from Thailand, which was originally designed by me.

Late satisfaction indeed.

Please follow his buildlog here:

Ernst Zemann aka Idealist aka Disabled

Four different RC-Trimaranplans for free download - two of RG65 size and two of Mini40 size -
can still be received from or from

RC Multihull European Open:
Just ended.

Lots of great videos:

If anybody shouldn´t be aware of it -
the white/orange Mini40 tri is a “Nightmare Mk.VIII”
designed by me.

The Mini40 European Open clips at hrrp:// are great.
Congratulations Chris to your 5. place with your Nightmare 8 off my molds.
I’m experimenting with foils on my Nightmare X, here is a short clip from yesterday.