German-Chinese Winches

Does not quite sounds right does it !?

The German supplier of reliable winches has discontinued the Regatta 5172 winch model and is now replacing their range with products that look suspiciously like Eurgles !? :shock:

Whats the world coming too when Chinese products flood the market with junk ? … buying quality used to mean something in Germany looks like no longer ! (deeply disappointed)

G’day Kiwi,

I think you’re correct. I’m sure all 4 of those winches can be purchased from Hobbyking. Brand name Vigor.

Be interested in knowing Graupners prices. Most of those pictured can be bought for less than $US20 at Hobbyking.


Hi Tony,

Graupner (German) prices will make you laugh … NOT ! :irked: I’m not bending down to pick up the soap on that one

Looks like go with the next best option to the real thing (RMG) with far performance @ with better price than the Graupners

Cheers Alan


I didn’t see the prices when I checked Graupners page. But I see them now. Interestingly I’ve used the one with the gold band for some time now and its holding up okay. I’ve used it in my IOM in both ‘A’ and ‘B’ rig conditions and it s done the job just fine. Not as fast as an RMG but for a cheap winch for a second boat its doing okay. But for the service excellence of RMG you’de be mug not to use them in your competitive stuff.


Graupner is bankrupt and declared insolvent last week in the German Courts.

I have one of th Vigors, still in the package… was thinking about putting it in my IOM… I love the RMG in my EC12, and will most likely put an RMG in my second EC12…

too bad about graupner. I’ll have to buy a few micro magic bits and pieces juts incase they get in short supply…

Thanks Rusty, explains what’s happening, another good company gone to the dogs when they start OEM production & sourcing parts from China …quality gets thrown out the window for profits and they think customers are stupid (we don’t like being ripped off !) paying higher prices for lower quality …so what happens, the company dies !

Happening all too often these days …sad real sad :frowning:

Good evening Gents & my apologies for such a late input,

Thought I’d share a little research regarding the plethora of recently released winches. The majority,if not all, appear to either come from the KingMax factory in China and are marketed as such whilst others also have their genesis in said factory but then go through a ‘badge engineering process’ and get sold at wildly different prices.

As some may recall I’ve used the big Hitec 785 winches, quoted as max 3.5 turns. Well, I’m please to report that using a Spektrum DX7s (which allows 150% travel adjustment) they’re running at 5.25 turns, thus giving a max travel in excess of 600 mm.



Are you saying the Hitec 785 is giving you 5.25 turns - or a Chinese knock-off?
What is the speed like - related to multihull use where both speed and power are needed?

Thanks, Dick

Hi Dick,

With the transmitter set at 150 % at both ends the genuine hitec HS-785HB sailwinch servos are giving 5.25 turns, somewhere in the region of 620mm of travel. Voltage is 6v, speed is pretty much as quoted by Hitec, that is get your calendar out!!

Hope that helps,



Thanks for clarification. As I feared. :mad: