Geriatric Complaint

It has generally been by position in life to tease, to annoy and (occasionally) to cause major controversy. Never have I been the force of reason, common sense or the establishment.

There has beeen a recent outbreak in this forum of people agreeing with me. I wish it would stop. It makes me feel Soooooo old!

The Ogre (Age 54)

As my wife , Jackie is always very quick to point out, we are geting OLDER not old:)
I’m going to be 60 next month, and I still have to throw bags of concrete around like some 20 year old. But I will work on something to try and raise your dander:p

angus, i suppose what really gets to you is when we “young bucks” agree with you eh? well, hmmm… i’ll have to work on that one, but watch out! you asked for it now!:wink:

And a few of us “older” folks dismiss you as being “too young to know anything” ! Ha Ha ! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

always opinionated, … seldom in doubt !

according to our Footy/USA group, averages late 40’s to late 60’s, some into the 70’s. So we are all a bunch of old farts or getting there with minds of youngsters (but much wiser, maybe…LOL) who love boats and want to play with them…Better than sitting on a park or hospital bench tossing seeds to the birds. A hobby keeps us mentally young. I just made 50 years old, yuk!:rolleyes:

Thank you Dick, be sure to come to Sheboygan so that I can buy you several beers and patronise you back! Bloody senile delinquent!

And, yes Barratt, it implies a very poor quality of young buck.:slight_smile: If I’m saying ‘nice but slighly ill-conceived’ about their boats (which I mostly am - not just yours) it suggests that things are not moving ahead very quickly. I should be being presented with things that make me want to ban them. No boat of mine that you have seen here has the slightest measure of originality - they are all just past practice and another visit to the naval architect’s cookbook.

I want to be outraged.

i really think you should refrain from judging my boat until you have built/raced it my senior friend…:p;) lol. who knows what is coming out of the skunk works! :sly: [note to self, get to the drafting board asap!] anyhow… just thought i had better represent the “young buck” perspective…

now, i have a question, has anybody thought of team racing footys?