Gennaker retraction system

hi all,
I designed a Gennaker for my sailboat but i need some image or scheme about the retraction scheme…
Can someone help me?

Hi Francesco

You would need some sort of retrieval line to “suck” the gennaker belowdecks or into a storage tube. Where do you plan on keeping the sail when it is not flying? You could probably use a digitial sailwinch to hoist/retrieve.
This type of thing is sometimes very difficult because the sail almost never wants to go straight up or down and may end up in the rigging or over the side.

Perhaps you could design a type of “sock” for the sail. Have you seen the socks cruising boats tend to use a lot on their gennakers? Maybe you could design a miniature one that would be controlled by a sailwinch.

hope this helps in some way

Use the “members” section of the forum and email Rich Matt who was recently featured in an AMYA publication with is spinnaker equiped boat. A true spinnaker, he may have a method that you could use or modify to accomodate your foresail needs. His spinnaker is stored on deck between some deck mounted “collection brackets” - (best description I can give you).

Rich pops in here from time to time, but if you contact him direct, he may be able to help.

Dick (& All),

Having on hand a few extra copies of Model Yachting #138, I have been sending them on to folks like Francesco who have expressed interest in hoisting/retracting spinnakers. (A genneker is a version of asymetrical spinnaker.) A few days ago I contacted Francesco so as to ask for his mail-mailing address. His copy goes in the Postal Service today.

Francesco, in his email, provided me a Website address having a bunch of photos showing the scale model Volvo-70 he is building from scratch. I hope he would reply on the Forum with info about that Website – Fellow Forum Folks would find it interesting.

Re. Model Yachting #138… My supply is down to two or three. The AMYA Ship’s Store ( has a quantity in inventory and are available for $7.00 US each.

Rich Matt
AMYA 004

Hi all,
Do you mean this site?

That’s the boat I?m building with 2 of my friends.
We are planning to build this boat with a working canting keel and a gennaker/asymmetrical spinnaker.

After building and sailing a lot of different 2 channel RC sailboats. We want to make a boat that was more challenging than the usual boats.

Jeroen Koeleman
The Netherlands

Exactly Jeroen…is for this kind of boat…

And we (me and a german friend) are trying to do an efficient mechanic kanting keel system, i passed the last week to calculate the forces on different keel configuration, i can send you all…if you want…
Jeroen let me know…

(The Volvo 70’ designer)

Looks like a cool boat and a decent idea. I am starrting with 2 channels with the intention of workingmy way up, first with canting keel then maybe a Asym spin or something. Keep us updated as it gets farther through production.

My hull photos are at this link:

The designs are mine, i designed the ericsson of Jeroen (first version) a second version of ericsson and abn one and two, these are the model of volvo 70’. In the past years i have already designed a volvo 60’ model : illbruck challenge.
You can find the graphical drawings (exported in maxsurf) i used for hydrostatic calculation of the new 70’ at this link:

The master is made by insulation foam…then i covered all with two layer of 160 gr/mq glass fiber…and i prepared the hull and deck mold…the boat will be built with 2 layer of carbon fiber 160 gr/mq

Hull lenght 122 cm, maximum weight 4.5 kg, sails 0.8 mq, maximum beam 28 cm…

If you want drawings you can find it to project page…

Do you have an email? I have a couple of questions for you involving your boats. If you wouldn’t mind dropping me an email that would be great.

Andrew Miller