General sailing dumb questions

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Rather than pollute my IACC120 build thread with dumb questions, I thought I would create this thread.

Consider me an intermediate sailor of full size yachts upto say 35 footers, a padawan if you will, and you guys jedi masters… :smiley:

Q1. All the pictures I have on the full size ETNZ boat seem to show the backstays ending at the last spreader/jib head rather than at a crane arrangement. How does the sail get outside the backstays in a broad reach or run?

Q2. What is the preferred method of making hatches in composite decks to minimise the amount of water getting in the hull?

That’s a good start I think…



for q1., you are looking at ‘running’ back stays. The weather one is tightened and the lee side is let off allowing the boom to go out.

For q.2 IOMs usually use a pot with a screw on lid. The rx and battery sit on the pot and stay dry. The deck is fitted with a hole that has a circular liner. The pot is secured with silicone… See link for example.



So for my AC120 I would run those backstays to the end of the crane to clear the leech?

Great, thanks a lot Hiljo…


Yes., except think simple. Just run a single back stay to the crane.


Will do, thanks John…

Next one…

Q: When planking my shadows for my composite mold, do i glue the planks to each other as well as the shadows?



Visit AMYA website, and download the Construction Hints & Tips (found in US 1 Meter Class pages). While based on 1 Meter, many if not all info is relative to building - regardless of the size.

Done… thanks Dick

Q2. What is the preferred method of making hatches in composite decks to minimise the amount of water getting in the hull?

On my boats I just cut a hole in the deck, covering it with a waterproof, self-adhesive patch when sailing. To protect the receiver and battery a bit more I put them inside balloons, closing the nexk with a small cable tie.


Hi Ray…

Thats an interesting concept…

I had seen the balloon idea and it sounds like cheap insurance.



Gidday Goose, In regard to Q.1 you may want to have the “orginal look” of running backstay which in not really workable on a RC model.

Instead of having single backstay run a split backstay which uses two chain plates (one each side of the transom) that run to a 10 mm pulley above the deck which then runs single backstay wire to the head crane.

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I like it!



If you do use balloons to protect the electronics, take them out after every sail- condensation is a guaranteed killer of electronic components.

Thanks Islander…

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