general mast heights?

um, what have you guys done in the way of mast height? i was thinking somewhere around 17-18" above the deck?

Hey 420,

The original NZ Footy rule specified a mast height of 19.5 inches measured from the deck. That seems about right to me, my boats were built to this spec. Some guys have gone higher, up to 24 inches I hear, for light wind conditions to reach the zephyrs above any disturbed air at the water level. Remember though that the higher you go with the mast the more leverage it exerts on the bow downwind. If your hull has fuller reserve bouyancy on the bow and/or a very high bow (over 3 inches from the waterline) you may be able to carry a rig taller than the one you are considering.

If I may make a recommendation, why don’t you try my solution. My feeling is that the top section of the mainsail doesn’t add much in the way of drive to the sail, but does add the drag downwind that adds the diving leverage to the rig. My main is configured along the lines of the wind-surfer sail, mast height at 19.5 inches and the top of the main at two inches wide an inch down from the top.

Of course, being a new class any recommendations you get should be taken with a grain of salt but they should give you a point to start from. Your hull is totally new so you will have to build a few rigs to find out what works the best for your boat in a wide range of conditions.

I agree with Niel. My masts are about 20 inches. I haven’t yet tried Niel’s sail shape, but when I find time to make some, I intend to do so…it makes sense to me.

I seem to have more boats than rigs, though it should be the other way around. Anyone know someone who is willing to make Footy sails for sale?


Bill, if you look again at the photo`s from the Masterton guys you will see that most of them seem to have sails made commercially here in NZL by “Gerry Power”

Seems the expensive way to do it but he does make a nice job.

“Standby,” the bloody link doesn`t work. I will be back soon. Just talk amongst yourselves…

Geez I`m clever, works now.

thanks guys! i’ve got some stuff to think about now! one more question, what is the general consensus on sails? jib/main or Laser/cat style?

The wonderful thing is…there is no general consensus.

Do your own thung, then run what you brung. :ihat:

YES! I believe people are making them in that style… :stuck_out_tongue: