G'Day from Greely, Ontario (Ottawa - Canada)

Hi Folks;

Just wanted to quickly introduce myself. I am a along time RC Heli/plane pilot and also into RC race cars, offroad trucks and fast Electric boats. Always looking for new challenges and learning opportunities and sailboats looked like the next step… and it gives me something to do at the pond when all my boat batteries are done. I have a Proboat Ragazza and a new Seawind that I am looking to rig properly and begin running soon - hopefully to begin to learn the ropes of setting up a boast properly and sailing techniques.

As a note, my purchase of a Seawind was directly dictated by the forums/groups such as this that have the information and experienced folks that thoughtfully share their knowledge. I look forward to learning and picking the brains of the many Seawind Sailors out there.

Greely, Ontario, Canada

Hi Eric,
Welcome to the SeaWind fleet! As Class Secretary, feel free to contact me at seawind@theAMYA.org for any information about the SeaWind or the Class Owners Association or to register your boat and get an official sail number.