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In case anyone is interested, Pierre is one of what I would call the top 3-4 guys in France who is really into multihulls. As I recall (could be wrong) he sails both the Mini40 and the 2 Meter boats - and pretty well as his name often shows up in the regatta results.

Since I don’t speak/write French, it would be great if “someone” would make contacts, see if he is now willing to export, and what his costs are. Also would be interesting to find out about the Pirana, as a design of same name was bounced around in the late 1990’s, and if the same boat - or a modification of the original boat.

Thanks to anyone able to get more information and post.

Dick Lemke
F-48 #US-06
MultiONE #US-06
Class 3 Landyacht #US-196


Competition trimaran (mini40 Class).
A very good “allrounder” boat, suits beginners and racers who are willing to race.
Good in all kind of weather…
Pleasant to “steer”
Rig : usual or swing

Ll : 1.22m1.20m
H: depends on the rig
W: 3kg


You won?t find any price lists on this site. I am a craftsman who practices a policy centered on quality. I encourage everyone to contact me via telephone or fax, for quotes and for delivery time.
Sales? conditions:
After the reception of a check or transfer via bank account the packing will then be shipped.

sorry, didn’t take lots of time, but you’ll get more than the idea


_/ if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! _