Futaba 6900

The Futaba 6900 (Spektrum) type radio is billed as a 6 channel for around $200 -

I have been unable to find info (easily) on how many of those channels are proportional control - and how many are an “on/off” type of control.

Seems radio manufacturers build and hype the channels, and many seem to think only of aircraft. “Mixing” isn’t a function I want to do - I wouldlike to have a minimum of three channels that are proportinal when controlling servos - and having four proportional channels would pretty much meet my needs.

My additional channels would be used for proportional servo/winch for jib separate from main sail control, and a proportional control for canting keel - or for foil flaps - either in the water or part of a solid wing sail.

Appreciate any comments or views.

Hi Dick, most 6 channel radios have 5 proportional and 1 on/off, don’t forget these radios are designed for air craft. but Futaba 6EXAS 2,4 GHZ has 2 sticks with 2 proportional on each stick and ch5 & 6 are on/off switch also the radio has 2 duel rate switches, I not sure if it has exponential rates.
hope this helps

Most helpful - thank you for responding.


Would it be possible to replace the On/Off switch in the transmitter with a potentiometer to convert it to proportional? I’ve been wondering about this for a while but I’ve been too cheap to buy a transmitter just to try it. It seems to me that if the switch operates a servo(this I’m not sure of) that all the electronics for proportional must be there.

Hi Don, here’s a link to add channels to a radio. It looks like you have to remove some resistors and add the pot if the radio already has the channels .


Thanks John