Futaba 3GR-2.4G

Is anyone using this radio?

Is there a way to mod the throttle stick so it works better as a sail
transmitter? Like most radios it returns to neutral from spring tension.

The receiver that comes with it is a R603ff.

I have used Spekrum, have a DX3 that works like a charm.

Just looking for a stick radio that will work better for sailing and saw
this one on the Futaba website.

Only a generic comment about most stick radios - you usually have to take the case apart (carefully), and remove the spring that self centers. Some radios come with a small screw and a piece of brass flat stock that provides friction on a serrated piece of plastic to which the stick is attached.

Without the brass, the stick will (perhaps) stay in position - but with the friction of the small brass strip when added, the stick won’t move as easily by itself.

If reluctant to try to make such a modification, your local hobby shop radio guy probably will do it for you.

With parts in hand, it is about a 15-20 minute process. Don’t over tighten case screws when reassembling. You are usually not in touch with the radio components - at least I wasn’t and have done about a dozen of the AM radios. As I recall, the Hitec radios actually came with the strip and a screw to make the modification.