Has anyone got any experience w/Futaba R603FF, 3 channel RX ?
The coaxial antenna is 7.75" long, too short to get
any of it above deck like typical FM antenna.

Is under deck,above the waterline sufficient?

Snaking the antenna out near the transom like normal FM is
possible, but the RX would be at an unreachable spot under
the aft deck of my Victoria.

I like the new radios, and have sold my old FM, so no going back now.
Unfortunately I did not foresee this dilemma.

Hi M16, Replied on the Victoria forum too. But just velcro the receiver to the top of the deck as suggested. Antenna does not have to be exposed as in the AM and FM. I have my receiver wedged up inside up in the gunnel of my ETNZ and works great.

Thanks Kotoc.

I’m running a Spectrum radio 2.4G in my boats and ALL my antennas are mounted below deck. (fiberglass, Plastic, and wood) I don’t think the brand of the radio system makes a difference.
mount them and check them out before you put to sail.