its a real life version of what happens when a footy sails by! [what do you think the crews are thinking?]

It depends on who was overtaking! The big boat had the ROW from what’s in the picture.

Mast abeam takes on an entirely new significance!

Letting the mast go abeam cuuld cause some damage. Protest the leeward boat or not leaving enough room ? :smiley:

Do you think the leeward boat has enough room to come up in a sprtsmanlike manner? Coming up could cause some damage. Protest the leeward boat for not enough room??

bigger issue is, do you get a lawyer in the protest room?

and, who has right of way? the boat overtaken? or the boat to leeward?

[or, does “might have right”?] =P

“Might has right” only applies if that was a Supertanker to leeward, with a six-foot bow wave. :shock:

Leeward boat may be overtaking at the moment, but she’ll slow down as soon as she hits that wind shadow!

Yeah,why was everybody assuming from the start that the leeward boat was beeing overtaken? The way I see it, is that the dingy is zipping pass a buch of puzzled “swiss”.


The big boat says New Zealand on the bow…

yah, there are kiwis on the swiss boat, but i dont think it goes the other way round…:smiley:

There are kiwis on all the boats!!! well at least all the fast ones:)

Oh yeah, my mistake, I thought it was Alinghi… I’m way off today.